Build systems for the customer/citizen, not for the government.

Move from buying big systems to buying components.

Create an ecosystem of suppliers.

A broad ecosystem of small businesses building components.

The cloud allows that. If banks can move to cloud, why not government?

Network between Stockholm - London - Berlin - Tel Aviv - Australia

London still ground zero for financial and insurance.

Government is small. Total headcount 300,000, 24nb transactions per year.

How to go from legacy model to competitive market for businesses to bid.

System integrator to crown hosting service

People want to change, so much of change is about offering a route out.

"Reformed Procurement"

Square of despair:

  • Capability
  • Legacy
  • Security
  • Procurement

Leveraging economics of scale. Create a spot market for services.

Think of government as a professional services firm.

Take a remedial approach.

Reward failure, and fail quickly.

"It's ours: Data belongs to citizens, not government"

Openess - transparency.


Open peer review.

Digital marketplace.